Monument Christian Academy

Homeschool Hybrid Campus

Monument Christian Academy is a homeschool hybrid designed to partner with parents. Our goal is to ensure the success of each family in their homeschooling journey. Visit our website at for more information. Enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year opens February 1st.

Enrollment Process

You can apply by simply clicking the link below and filling out the form.
(There is a $25 application fee.)

Preschool Program

We offer a 3 day preschool program as well as a 2 day preschool program. Parents may enroll their children in one or both programs to accommodate their families needs.

3 Day Program
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Tuition: $3350.00

2 Day Program
Monday, Friday
Tuition: $2350.00

Application Fee: $25
Registration Fee for New Students: $100
Registration Fee for Returning Students: $75
Curriculum Fee: $225

K-12 Admissions & Enrollment

Tuition Rates

K-1st: $4,050.00

2nd-5th: $4,550.00

6th-8th: $5,050.00

High School: $5,250

Monument Christian Academy has multiple payment plans to fit each families needs. We also offer discounts for active military, first responders, and siblings.

Curriculum Fees

Kinder: $275

1st-5th : $450 

6th-8th: $450

High school: $475

Registration and Other Fees

Application Fee for New Students $25

Registration Fee for New Students $100

Registration Fee for Returning Students $75

Additional Fees

Field Trip Fees: Varied by trip

Late Payment Fee (After the 5th of the month) $25

Non-Suitable Funds Fee: $25

Apply Here For A Teaching Position

We are always striving to find and hire the best teachers for our students. Please fill out the following application and send it to


Call: 281-479-4332
We typically respond within 1-2 business days.


At Monument Christian Academy, your child will have the opportunity to learn in an environment that is Christ centered.  Each student will participate in a variety of subjects included but not limited to reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and bible.

Monument Christian Academy holds its students and families to a high standard in regard to academic excellence, behavior, Christian living, and moral standards.  These standards are set forth in the Holy Bible in Ephesians 4:15-31.  These standards are to be maintained by our students and families at all times.

As an important ministry of Monument Baptist Church, Monument Christian Academy will help to fulfill each of the congregation’s five functions: education, worship, evangelism, fellowship, and service.


Education occurs daily in all subjects to prepare students to serve God and others throughout their lives.  The Holy Spirit through God’s Word nurtures students’ faith in Christ.


Children will be engaged regularly in worship through song, fellowship, and prayer. Students will  learn to pray privately and corporately whenever needs or opportunities arise.


Students will hear the good news of Jesus’ love and share it with family and friends.


Each student’s unique personality is recognized and nourished to help each student reach their full potential.  Teachers and students work together to maintain a classroom atmosphere of love and joy.


Children are led to help others, not only in school, but also in the community and the world.  Teachers encourage Christ-like compassion and love for all people.


What is a homeschool Hybrid?

Our program is a partnership between parents and qualified teachers. Our teachers introduce the concepts on-campus then students are provided with independent work to do at home.

How does it all work?

Your child will attend classes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They will work at home with their parents on Monday and Friday.

When do classes meet?

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
9am – 2pm

What do students do at home?

Students will do mixes practices, reviews, projects, and other assignments at home.

What if my child has trouble working at home?

Monument Christian Academy offers tutoring programs for students who struggle to work independently or are having difficulty with a particular subject.

What do I do as a parent?

As the parent of a homeschool child, you are responsible for helping your student complete their work at home. Parents will also be responsible for reinforcing the content that the students have learned at school.


No, we are not a co-op. Co-ops typically have parents stay on site and help in classes and during school hours. MCA hires qualified teachers for in class learning while parents ensure work is done at home.

Is MCA a Charter School?

No, MCA is not a charter school or a private school. Monument Christian Academy is a facility that works in partnership with parents to provide education that will ensure each student is successful during college and beyond. We also place a heavy focus on biblical studies and character development.

Do you use technology?

While technology is used in the classroom, it is not our primary method of teaching. MCA uses traditional teaching methods including but not limited to textbooks, visual aids, and hands on activities and projects.

Why are we the right fit for your family?

We value God above all else. We are passionate about homeschooling and the endless opportunities it gives your family. We understand starting the homeschool journey as a parent can be hard and overwhelming at times. We want to help families start, thrive, and succeed in the homeschool journey.